A nursing-friendly collection made for modern motherhood.

Our Mission

Becoming a new mom, breastfeeding… it’s beautiful, intimate, and incredibly special. But it’s not always easy. We feel you! We’ve been there. Not only are you navigating the roller coaster of motherhood, you are also navigating the balance of adding ‘mom’ to your identity.   

It’s a duet between mom and baby, but also a duet between mom and woman.   

We’re here to help make this new part of your life a little easier. Our goal is to empower you on your feeding journey with a collection of high quality, modern, and comfortable designs with effortless nursing access. You deserve to look and feel good in what you're wearing while breastfeeding your babe!

Our Products

You also deserve to feel good about what you’re wearing. That is why we have carefully sourced our fabrics, materials, and manufacturing partners to prioritize high standards in quality, environmental responsibility, and ethics.

We love our Tencel and Organic Cotton blend fabric for its super-soft feel and easy care. TENCEL™ is a regenerated cellulose fiber manufactured using wood from trees in sustainably-harvested forests. While the fabric properties are similar to cotton, the sustainable wood sources use less land and water than cotton and no pesticides or insecticides. It is produced with an environmentally responsible closed loop process, meaning over 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused instead of being flushed out as waste. Certified with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, our TENCEL™ is also tested and verified as free from harmful substances (with you and baby in mind!).

Our garments are all made with love in NYC at a women-led, small-batch production house that prioritizes a safe, comfortable, and fair working environment.

Our Story

I had my first baby after working in the fashion industry for 10 years, so you could say I knew a bit about style and clothing. But as a new mom navigating postpartum and breastfeeding, I was entirely unprepared for the ways that my wardrobe would have to evolve. In those early and overwhelming days, I was in need of an effortless go-to outfit that helped simplify nursing my new babe. But what I wanted was something refined and on-trend. Something that made me feel like myself at a time when a lot in my life was changing.

Unfortunately, what I was looking for didn't seem to be out there. An idea sparked during a 2am nursing session... so perfect, right?!  I connected with dozens of other moms about the idea and it was clear that I was not alone. A year later, duet was born.

Our hope is that we can make you feel a bit more like yourself on this crazy, beautiful journey of womanhood + motherhood.

♡ Meghann