Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding


We asked our duet community to share some of the things they weren't expecting as they began their breastfeeding journey. Even with classes and preparation, there is still a learning curve for you and baby. Surprises and challenges are bound to happen! Everyone’s experience is so unique, but we hope these quotes from our community can offer some valuable insights and encouragement to remind you that you are not alone on this journey.


Although breastfeeding is a biologically natural process, it doesn’t always come naturally!

“I was under the impression that she would latch and have no problem- like instinctual”

“Breastfeeding was uncomfortable and hurt a bit at first”

“That I would be CONSTANTLY googling things to try to figure out what I was or wasn’t doing right”

“How valuable the support of a lactation consultant would be”

"That after the first few challenging weeks, it gets soooo much easier"


    It can be a roller coaster - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    “I wasn’t prepared for all the ups and downs. One day things would be going great and the next day they wouldn't”

    “The level of stress, guilt, and anxiety that comes with low supply”

    “Mastitis is SO brutal!”

    “How common and painful clogged ducts would be. And that you can take sunflower lecithin to help prevent them!”

    “The stress of pumping and inevitably counting ounces… it’s worse than calorie counting!”


      There is opportunity for so much more education around breastfeeding.

      “They eat every 2 hours. SURPRISE!”

      “That drinking enough water and eating enough calories/ nutrients are so important to your milk supply”

      “Clusterfeeding is very normal during growth spurts or even just for comfort. But it is incredibly taxing!"

      “I didn't expect to feel super anxious, nauseous, or tired when having a letdown. This happened a lot early on!”

      “I thought ALL my frozen milk had gone bad until I learned I had high lipase… had no idea that was a thing”

      “That so many people around you probably knew nothing about breastfeeding and that I would have to do a lot of education to bring them along in support of my journey”


        You are stronger than you ever imagined and are the perfect mama for your baby.

        “How I would be constantly in awe of what my body is capable of”

        “Once you get the hang of things, it becomes such a sweet and special time between you and your baby”

        “It is so convenient to be able to feed baby whenever and wherever, no prep really needed”

        “That nursing would be able to soothe babe 100% of the time”

        "How fondly I would look back on my breastfeeding journey after it ended"

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